WooCommerce critical vulnerability, and why you should update immediately
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Heads up WooCommerce users.  WooCommerce has released an emergency patch to fix a critical vulnerability in their software.

WooCommerce critical vulnerability

A security vulnerability in WooCommerce was recently discovered by a security researcher.  The vulnerability can result in data being exposed. for example, user ID’s and passwords.

Are you affected?

The vulnerability affects WooCommerce Blocks ranging from version 2.5 through version 5.5 and WooCommerce core versions 3.3 through version 5.5.

What should i do?

WooCommerce has deployed a patch to fix the issue.  If you’re running any of the WooCommerce versions mentioned above, head over to your WordPress website and apply the update immediately to version 5.5.1

The WooCommerce team has also posted more information about this incident on their blog.

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