The Pros and Cons of Paying for Premium WordPress Support

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WordPress remains the leading content management software product in the market as it is used by more than 4 in 10 websites. Businesses can use it for free, and due to the General Public License, the code itself can be modified and customized to suit their needs without paying extra.

Unfortunately, some businesses are not upgrading to WordPress support because of the attached costs. Instead, they are content with having an online presence when their website has unlimited potential waiting to be untapped.

For instance, there are thousands of WordPress themes that you can download and use. However, one disadvantage is a vanilla website that looks like everyone else’s.

Also, these free themes are limited in terms of flexibility, functionality, and security. However, for less than a hundred dollars, you can upgrade your plan and receive premium WordPress support if something goes wrong with your website. Here are the pros and cons.


More customization options

Today, WordPress users can choose from more than 55,000 plugins in its directory. Of course, you are not going to install everything. It would be counterproductive as some plugins are not compatible with specific themes.

But if you are going to the buffet table, wouldn’t you want more choices than fewer? The plugins can boost your SEO, prevent compatibility issues, create automatic data backups, etc.

Regular updates

While there are developer forums that offer updates for WordPress, they are not entirely reliable. You may not get the answer that you need promptly.

Besides, you do not just download updates from unknown sources since they might include malicious codes. With WordPress Premium Support, updates are usually done on the backend so that you do not have to shut down your website.

24/7 support

A website’s downtime will damage more than your credibility. It has actual costs in dollar terms. For example, according to Gremlin, every minute that Amazon’s website is down will cost more than $220,000 in revenue loss.

You do not have to be an e-commerce giant to realize that it will hurt your bottom line, especially if a large margin of your sales comes from your website. With 24/7 Premium WordPress Support, you can then troubleshoot issues that could lead to downtime.

Stats and Insights

Another advantage of premium WordPress support is getting a breakdown of how your website is faring. You have the data at your fingertips by browsing through understandable graphs and charts.

You can then determine which products are saleable, which posts are most popular, how many visitors you have per day, week, or month, and how many clicks you get per state or country, among others.

Unique website

As already mentioned, choosing from the free WordPress themes will not make you stand out from your competitors. The customization options will also allow you to modify your website’s appearance even further to create a bespoke design that’s entirely yours.


Complicated for the Average User

Premium WordPress support is more complicated for the average user, especially when working with multiple features and plugins.

In addition, it might spike the investment costs since you may hire a developer to customize and manage your site. However, if you are serious about leveraging your website to increase sales, you will have to hire a developer anyway.

Not Too Accurate

Website Pro Themes do not undergo a rigorous review process. Ironically, the free WordPress themes contributed by users and developers have a strict review process from third-party sources before they are uploaded.

Unfortunately, the same goes for some of the WordPress plugins. In some cases, the plugins are not compatible with the theme, which results in a misbehaving website.

Any competent developer can conduct an audit of your website. You can see which WordPress Plugins are running in the background and potentially slowing down your loading speed.

While using WordPress Premium has its disadvantages, the fact is that no system is perfect. When making a decision, you always weigh the advantages and disadvantages. In this case, the pros of using Premium WordPress Support outweigh the cons.

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