5 simple website mistakes to avoid

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You don’t have an SSL certificate Security is a top priority for everyone on the web, especially for business owners wanting to grow. An SSL certificate encrypts the connection between your website and your visitors, so it’s best to have an SSL certificate installed and configured properly on your site. There are many sites that […]

Test Your Web Forms

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I wanted to update the email address associated with my credit card, so I went to their website to change it and ran into a problem. The credit card website said my email was invalid! what the heck? Email: 1@mydomain.com I’ve been using this email for several years on other websites and it has never […]

How to optimize your WordPress database

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Websites are constantly evolving and getting more complex, and the database is at the center of it. In this post, we’re covering how to optimize your WordPress database, and how to automate the process. Why do you need to optimize your database? Your website’s database holds all the critical data to operate the website and […]