Building a Homelab VM Server

Why build a VM server? I wanted to upgrade my Nextcloud server and host a few other services on my own hardware.  The main idea is to use the server to host a bunch of virtual machines to help me run my web design studio and to learn more about container technology such as Docker […]

Using virtual machines in my business

virtual machines illustration

My web studio is starting to take shape, and I want to share a bit about how I’m choosing to run my business, my process, and the way I do things. In this post, I want to share how I’m using virtual machines, to solve a challenge.

3 key benefits of updating your website

Hand wrench robot serviceman worker on yellow background.

Launching a new website is fun and exciting. OK, so you have a beautiful, mobile-friendly WordPress website and it’s live for everyone to see on the internet. Congratulations! However, this is just the beginning. Taking care of your website by keeping up with WordPress maintenance tasks will help keep it running fast, secure, and optimized. […]