Real Connection Lies in Inclusive Design: The Benefits of Designing for Everyone

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Creating a website with an inclusive design means that no audience needs are left behind. It is the practice of incorporating the entire gradient of human uniqueness into the user experience design (UX design).

Unfortunately, marketers do not give it the attention it deserves as they do not invest time and money into the inclusive design. It’s more than accessibility, which caters to the unique needs of a particular sector, such as the vision-impaired, for instance. It addresses societal and environmental hindrances, as well.

Benefits of adopting an inclusive design for your website

Reach out to a previously untapped market

According to the insights firm Return on Disability, the disability market is bigger than China and is worth about $1.9 trillion. If you include their friends and family, you are looking at potentially $13 trillion in disposable income each year.

Another potential market is the elderly, a sector that is also resistant to technology. If you can address their needs, that is another potential market waiting to be tapped.

Boost customer experience

Since your design is geared toward addressing their needs, it stands to reason that you will improve their experience while interacting with your website.

As you may already know, UX design is critical in keeping the audience’s attention and increasing conversion rates. One example of an inclusive design is including text autofill to speed up the local search on your website.

Keep your employees engaged

Your workers will likely come into work with a renewed focus because they know they are working for a higher purpose. For instance, your staff is likely to be more helpful if they realize that you will target people with impairments and make their lives easier.

Of course, you cannot quantify the value of inclusive design in terms of profits, but you will create a better and happier working environment for everyone.

Boost brand value

Ultimately, you will create an added value for your brand, especially when people realize that you advocate for equal access. A 2018 research revealed that more than 6 in 10 consumers tend to patronize a company with a higher purpose other than profit.

You can position yourself as the market leader in innovations, which is more than what your competitors can say.

Gain market insight

More than anything, you can challenge yourself to find solutions to access a market that most people overlook. Your decisions could potentially change hundreds of lives, which you cannot measure in quantifiable terms. As an added benefit, you can use the data to gain insight into new markets, which would lead to further product innovation.

Inclusive website design is different from having an interactive website with separate widgets, apps, and plugins that will address the needs of each sector. The latter is inefficient and less cost-effective.

What’s next?

If done correctly, inclusive design can improve user experience like no other. You can help your target audience get what they want in the least amount of time possible. As a bonus, you also increase your bottom line as a result.

There is no time like the present, to incorporate an inclusive website design. Consider doing a website refresh that takes into account inclusive design best practices.

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