Mobile Usability issue detected

Close up of people using mobile smart phones

I received an email from Google earlier today letting me know that my website had a issue displaying content on mobile devices, so i panicked for and second and quickly pulled out my phone to test.

Everything looked fine, so I dug deeper…

Google Search Console

I logged into Google Search Console and found 1 error: Content wider than screen

It turns out Google had crawled my website earlier today while i was editing my website and they must have spotted an error.

URL Inspection

Since the website looked fine on my end and had already been updated, I simply retested the live URL.

Mobile Usability Results

Testing the URL only takes a few seconds, and the results came back OK.

Thank you Google bots for crawling my site and letting me know about the slight temporary glitch. I’m glad things are fine between us again.

Are you testing your website on mobile?

Google Search Console is just one of many tools available. What tools are you using to test your website?