How to get a website domain name for your business

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Why you need a domain name

All websites use web servers, and servers use IP addresses to talk to each other. Website domain names make it easy for humans to remember internet addresses. For example, instead of saying visit my website at IP address — you can simply say visit my website at

The most common method to buy a domain name is to go through a domain name registrar.

  1. Google Domains –
  2. GoDaddy –
  4. Hover –
  5. Unstoppable Domains –

I purchased a domain name, now what?

Web Hosting

Unless you plan to operate your own web server, the next step is to sign-up with a reliable web hosting company to host your new domain name and website. There are many companies that can do this for you. In fact, we offer premium web hosting with all our website maintenance plans.

Look for web hosting providers that offer:

  • Eco-friendly data centers, using renewable energy
  • SSD storage drives for faster data transfers
  • Free SSL certificates to secure all connections to your website
  • Free email accounts
  • Free (CDN) Content Delivery Networks
  • Staging environments
  • Daily backups

Domain names best practices

  • keep it short and memorable
  • Use one word or string 2 words together to come up with a distinct domain name
  • Set your domain name to auto-renew every year

Are you considering buying a new domain name for your business?

The web is constantly changing and we now have new top-level domain extensions. You may want to consider buying a new NFT domain, like .crypto, .wallet, or .nft

I recently purchased a .NFT domain name for my business and will be minting it on the blockchain soon, so stay tuned for that update.

Let me know in the comments how many domain names you have purchased for your business.

Mario Seijo

Mario Seijo

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