Continuous Iteration, Continuous Delivery

Continuous Iteration

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, or CI/CD for short is a popular methodology in the software development lifecycle.

I like this concept so much that I’ve modified it to help me run my business. I say Continuous Iteration, Continuous Delivery.

Continuous iteration

Continuous iteration to me is making tiny improvements as often as possible in my business. This can be a 1% improvement in anything, from updating 1 piece of content on my website late at night to leveraging a new tool to automate zoom meetings. All these tiny improvements add up over time and I’m starting to see the benefits in my business.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery to me is the output of the efforts I make. sometimes these things are invisible to others or actions behind the scenes. by consistently making tiny improvements, I am showing up for my business, and adding value for my clients.

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Mario Seijo

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