Best Ways to Make Your Mobile Website Load Faster in 2022

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Your mobile website must keep up with the quick pace of technology and the 5G Internet era. Therefore, your page should load fast to avoid making a bad first impression.

But how fast is fast? Fortunately, you do not have to guess since countless studies have been done. Google recommends that your e-commerce site should load in between one and two seconds.

However, a business website can probably get away with a mobile website that loads in five seconds.

Best ways to make your mobile website load faster in 2022

A study by Portent updated in April 2022 revealed that the best conversion rate is between one and four seconds. A website that takes one second to load will have three times the conversion rate compared to a site that loads in five seconds.

As you can see, the study shows how crucial page loading speed is to the success of your business website. Speed is especially critical if you have an online store.

You need to make your mobile website load faster to increase your conversion rate and minimize your bounce rate through the following.

Simplify your code

Simple does not necessarily mean boring. It simply means that you avoid unnecessary steps to increase your webpage loading time. In the same vein, you must also simplify your design by shedding off the excess weight, such as large images and videos, Flash content, and needless HTTP requests.

Choose a responsive theme

A dynamic theme ensures that it responds to all types of platforms, whether desktop, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. As a result, your visitors will access the optimized version of your theme to suit their devices, which means they are less likely to run into trouble when browsing your site.

Select the right host

You must do your due diligence when choosing the server host as a partner. The best hosts that pass the benchmark speed tests are GreenGeeks, DreamHost, Hostinger, BlueHost, and SiteGround. Of course, you can do your research to determine which host best fits your needs.

Utilize Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google already announced that AMP is unnecessary for search engine ranking. However, it still does its job of making your mobile website load faster in 2022. Even if AMP does nothing for your SEO, you can still minimize your bounce rate by improving the user experience.

For instance, AMP uses minimal data over 4G networks. That means your page is lighter when the user tries to access it; this is particularly beneficial for people with slow Internet connections.

Use caching plugins

Browser caching will allow users to skip several steps when re-accessing your website. Since the information is already saved on their mobile browsers, they do not have to go back to square one.

In addition, it means that your mobile website will load faster on their devices. Using WordPress, you can use W3 Total Cache, WP-Optimize, WP Rocket, Hummingbird, Cache Enabler, and WP Fastest Cache to improve your page loading speed.

Marketers need to optimize their websites for smartphones since they make up nearly 60% of Internet users compared to almost 40% of desktop users.

The trick is to hold your audience’s attention long enough to convert. But your visitors would likely leave if you wasted their time waiting for your page to load fully.

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