ASCII Art From Your Terminal

We are having fun on the Linux terminal today and creating some ASCII art with free and open-source software.

Software used:

  • My favorite Linux distro is Ubuntu –
  • Cowsay
  • Pv
  • Lolcat


Cowsay is a program that generates ASCII art pictures of a cow with a message. It can also generate pictures using pre-made images of other animals, such as Tux the Penguin, the Linux mascot, etc.

Install cowsay

					sudo apt install cowsay


pv is a terminal-based (command-line based) tool in Linux that allows us for the monitoring of data being sent through pipe. We can use pv to animate the text like ChatGPT.

Install pv

					sudo apt install pv


Lolcat is a command-line utility that is primarily used to display text in rainbow colors in a Linux terminal; making it visually appealing.

Install lolcat

					sudo apt install lolcat

Putting it all together

Now let’s combine these programs and create some ASCII Art.

					cowsay -f dragon 'hello from the linux terminal' | pv -qL 200 | lolcat