Guiding Principles

  • Say what you mean and do what you say.
  • Respect people’s privacy, attention, and time.
  • Ensure inclusivity through accessible design.
  • Create visually appealing websites while adhering to web standards.
  • Empower clients to manage their own content.
  • Prioritize reliability, security, and performance.
  • Embrace change and remain open-minded.

Meet The Founder

Hi there, I'm Mario

A creative thinker and tech enthusiast steering the ship at Minimo Studio. I love teaming up with fellow entrepreneurs on their journey to a better life and tackle whatever challenges come our way.

At Minimo Studio, we’re all about giving businesses a shining online presence through strategic web design. We’ve got you covered, from brand strategy, to web design and keeping things running smoothly. You focus on your business, and we’ll craft an awesome website that showcases your unique brand and attracts your ideal clients.

Creative Director
creative director walking on a sidewalk

My Immigrant Journey: From Humble Roots to Web Design Success

I was born and raised in Peru and came to America as a kid with my family in search of a better life. It was rough learning English and navigating the challenges of adapting to a new country.

Fascinated by my first airplane trip and my desire to travel to places like Paris and Brazil, I enrolled in travel school to become a travel agent. This journey eventually led me to a fulfilling 25-year career with American Express Travel.

Working for Amex was exciting because I got to use my brains instead of my hands for the first time. I finally had a desk, a computer, and opportunities for growth. I worked during the day and went to college in the evenings for many years to pursue a degree in web authoring & multimedia.

Armed with a new degree, I chose to stay with Amex because it allowed me to work on exciting and challenging projects with Microsoft, and I liked the people too. Over the years, I was promoted several times, from travel agent, to programmer, to team leader, and finally to a global manager position, responsible for strategy & overseeing team members across the globe.

And when the pandemic hit in 2020, I lost my job.

How Minimo Studio Was Born

After dusting myself off, I recalled my side hustle of building websites. One particular project involved creating a website for a local towncar service in Seattle, complete with a reservation system. The sleek web design and simple functionality of the reservation system impressed Microsoft and played a pivotal role in the business signing Microsoft as their biggest client.

This experience is what drove my desire to help other small business owners achieve success. Thus, Minimo was born – a web design business aimed at helping entrepreneurs thrive through a great online presence. Minimo Studio is the product of my passion for technology and design, and I’m humbled to contribute to the growth of fellow entrepreneurs.

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